Weekend Sock

This weekend, DH took the PS3 back to the store. But then...bought a new one...but found this deal where you can trade in your old ps2 and get $100+ dollars back toward the purchase of the ps3! So that is what we did. It was a good deal, but I still don't see him getting to into it, especially now that school is starting up again.

In knitting news, I completed the seal rock socks that rock for my sister-in-law. Those are waiting to be gifted. I wanted to finish up a few more projects, but got too excited about socks. In one day, I finished an entire jaywalker! The color way is Dreidel from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, of course. I decided to go top down, and try out a picot edging (all of the cool kids are doing it). But I think with the way the jaywalker zigzags, it probably isn't the best choice. It is pretty thick and the turning makes the edge want to roll over. Other than that small problem, I just love the way the yarn worked up. The striping is perfect and there was no pooling at all.

Here you can see Mr. Sharky thinks they are yummy! I have already cast on for the second and should definitely have the pair completed in a few days.

I found a group doing Dale of Norway projects starting the 20th of January. And so, I have decided to give that a go. My choice is Sapporo, which is the 2007 Norwegian Ski Team sweater. I received my booklet and zipper and just have to decide on what colors I want to make it. It is worked in Daletta, which I have never used before. I want to carry Dale of Norway at the store, so I also consider this project research.


Happy New Year!

Lots of pictures for you this posting. I was away for the holidays, and came back with a sinus infection but lots of gifts. First, from the Lancaster Stitch 'N' Bitch: My secret santa was too kind! Becky got me a stitchonary, some tools, a cute ornament, a cookie cutter, and personalized hand dyed yarn!

How awesome is that!!! Its named after me, "Heather's Twilight".

From the family I got several knitting books and even some yarn! My family doesn't understand my obsession one bit, so the yarn and books were really hard for them to feel good about giving. Most notably, here are the skeins of Socks that Rock from my mom. Yummmmmm!! I can't wait to start knitting more socks!

Speaking of knitting. Over the break I was on a color mission. I am almost finished with one endpaper mitt, and about half way through one legwarmer. The mitts seem a bit small...but I think they will stretch...The leg warmer is turning out pretty nicely, very spring-like.

Not Christmas related, my husband was able to pick up one of these:

Not sure if we are going to keep it or not. There doesn't seem to be that much incentive at this point. Only one real game that he's interested in that isn't available for the 360, so maybe he will return it until there are more games. Who knows...