Ammendment to the Addi Click "review" (which really wasn't a review)

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Dear Addi Turbo (a review of sorts),

Thank you for producing a very smooth needle. I love how you have come out with a new interchangeable set. I especially love that I don't need a tool to connect/disconnect my cable to the needle. When I opened my new box I was so in love, all those lovely Turbo's shining back at me.

I immediately wanted to try them out. I picked the second tips from the left and connected them to the 24" cable. So easy, so smooth. So what if you have a little bit of a lip where the cable joins the needle. It shouldn't make a big difference. I love you anyway.

I pick out a yarn. Thinking to myself, this is a five, I should use something DK. I pick out a yarn. I go to cast on...I look down at my new shiny needles...and see..."4,0 mm/US6"...

WHAAAA? How could you do this to me Addi? I've waited so long for you to arrive! And now you show up - missing a size 5? You led me on with your claim of 10 needle tips from size 4-15. Now I know you were just luring me with your slyness. I was too overcome by the prospect of new shinny to realize that 10 from 4-15 means one has to be left out! That sneaky 10.75 is the culprit, (why not 10.5 anyway)? But really, why not leave him out? or start at 5 and leave out the 4?

Why Addi?


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ETA2: Real review found here.

Back from the abyss

I know I haven't been around for a long, long, Long, LONG time...That will be in another post.

Tonight I just want to share something quick (or should I say "Click") that came today in the mail:



Yay for the new Addi Click Interchangeable set!