I will not buy more yarn...

I will not buy more yarn, I will NOT buy more yarn...except for Christmas gifts. Ebay is much too easy to get addicted to, and my stash seems like it has suddenly grown overnight! I really have SOOOO much Christmas knitting to do, that I cant really justify buying any yarn for projects other than gifts. If I get done early, maybe I could treat myself to some of the yummy new color ways of Socks That Rock...oh my

...I will not buy more yarn...


Negative Progress?

Unfortunately my progress bars cannot display a negative status. Here is a picture of my jaywalkers...

In other sock news, I have completed the gusset increases for my Lornas Laces socks! So now I am ready to turn the heel. Maybe I will be able to complete them this weekend.

Also on the needles (or rather hook) is a bunch of granny squares for an afghan. Its really icky acrylic, but my Mom doesn't mind! Here is Mr. Sharky modeling for you.


I'm getting OLD!

Carpooling is great for knitting! However...there is one guy that I ride with that insists on playing hiphop. Maybe I am just getting to that point in my life where only old music appeals to me, but I just cannot stand hiphop! By the time I get to work I feel all angsty and agitated. No wonder he drives like a maniac! 6am in the morning is just too early for those types of feelings, it really sets the mood for the rest of the day. It's also a shame that it is too dark in the morning to accomplish any knitting, so I can only sit and listen for the entire ride. Soon it will be dark when we leave work as well...Maybe I should look into getting those lighted needles.

Yesterday I was greeted with a package from Amazon! Two new books: A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting and One Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit and Crochet. I am really excited about making mobius baskets and bowls -- the trifold rimmed one is my favorite!! I will probably have to ask Karen for help though, just paging through, it looks very complicated. The One Skein book I got for quick gift ideas...I am still thinking about Christmas gifts, and have yet to figure anything out! I also picked up the Mason Dixon book. I have started reading their blog online, and wanted to see all these great patterns people keep talking about.


Too big?

So, I think my I have to rip my jaywalkers again. I took another look at the pattern, and after the toe, I am supposed to make it even bigger! So...Yeah, definately ripping...might even have to go down to a size 0 needle. I wanted to use the 1's because the yarn is a bit heavier than the usual sock yarn I have knitted with. But I guess it just makes my guage way too big. A good thing did come of this -- I learned how to do short row toes :)

Here is a picture of my treasures from The Mannings. Gotta love the clearance sale! I still don't have a project for it yet, but probably something small and lovely in these fall colors, I am thinking a scarf! It is Debbie Bliss wool/cotton blend and really has a nice clean look to it. I am still searching for small patterns since I didn't get enough for a big project.

Bonus picture...My hubby knitting! Isn't he cute? :)

Updates to come

I started the jaywalkers! I used Queen Kahuna's awesome invisible provisional cast on with a shortrow toe...however, after completing the two toes, they seem to be really just too big. So...I may have to start over again. Its really a shame becaues this is the second try with this pair.

The first time, I was trying to use one end from the inner pull ball, and one end from the outside of the ball...I thought it would be OK, maybe a bit more confusing than usual, but I was sure that I could handle it. Well, apparently I could not... I ended up with a HUGE messy knot. Not only that, but somehow the yarn got tangled between the two cables between the socks...it was pretty much impossible for me to fix until I finished both toes. SO! I ripped them out and promptly seperated the ball into two individual center pull balls.

Later I will post up pictures IF I decide that I dont need to rip them out. By Thursday's Stitch and Bitch I will definately have them started, hopefully into the pattern.

I also will put up pictures of my purchases from my trip to The Mannings!


Sexy Status Bars

Oh yes, I have, with Becky's help, added progress bars to the side panel! Now the trick will be to remember to update them :-)

Today I am going to the Open Barn! Because alpaca's produce such a wonderful fiber, and my friend from work owns a few. I really am interested in maybe partnering with this farm for fiber for the store...we will see.

Another perk of going all the way out there...it is very near to The Mannings. Which, hopefully, I will be stopping in and perhaps...BUYING SOME YARN! But who knows...If I do make any purchases, I will be sure to share them with you in the form of pictures!


Sock Yarn Reccomendations

As you know, I have been doing some research on sock yarns recently. Below I will list some information for your purusal.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts
- beautiful colorways
- superwash
- lots of yardage (1 hank = 1 pair)
- available in three different weights
- reasonably priced
- really soft
- pretty springy
- my favorite!
- not readily available other than main site

Schaefer Anne
- beautiful colorways
- superwash
- lots of yardage (1 hank = 1 pair)
- has some nylon content (good wearing)
- available here, check out other ebay stores for good prices
- has a vinegar smell

Lorna's Laces Shepard sock
- beautiful colorways
- superwash
- available here, here ,check out other ebay stores for good prices
- super soft
- good spring
- 2 hanks = 1 pair
- can be pricy (they do that stupid keystone pricing)

Cherry Tree Hill
- beautiful colorways
- superwash
- available here, here, see below listing of sites, plus check ebay
- good yardage (1 hank = 1 pair)
- I dont have much information on this yarn because my hank has not yet arrived

Other brands:
good sock yarn sites here, here, here, here, here

-Trekking XXL
-Austerman Step
-Mountain Colors Bearfoot
-many others

These other ones, I don't know...I really just fell so madly in love with the top 3...
There are other brands that carry sock yarn, but is not superwash...these are fine as long as you are fine with handwashing socks!

Also if you are doing the Jaywalker pattern, or other textured sock patterns, a self stripe sock yarn may not be desired...

Any of these will do, be sure to check the yardage...you want to get about 300+ yds per pair I think. Most brands you have to buy two skeins to make a pair.


The hubby knits!

Here are some more fun pictures! First up, my skein of Schaefer Anne yarn...for, you guessed it, SOCKS! It is hard to see all the wonderful colors, but they are all sorts of green and blue shades. It reminds me a lot of a peacock colors.

Second is a quick update on my huge hubby blanket. The pattern is found in fall's Interweave Knits. The cables are working out so lovely! I guess its sort of hard to get an idea for some of the bigger patterns, but after I get a bit more finished I will post another update. The whole thing is a whopping 257~ stitches so one row takes a LONG time...

Third, here are some washcloths I knit in the car over the weekend trip to the in-laws. I really like the colors on the right one, but the left didn't turn out the way I would have hoped. They are both knit in Sugar n' Cream.

Last but not least! --Some of you know I have taught my husband how to knit. Here are the three "projects" he has completed so far. From the left to right: Garter stitch swatch, Stockenit(sp? --yeah I'm too lazy to look it up) swatch, and a swatch with a stitch pattern all his own... I think they are just lovely, and am currently trying to encourage him to try something a bit bigger but still simple...like a scarf! Then I can convince him to let me buy more yarn!!!


Projects and new yarn

This is my current project. A pair of toe up socks on two circulars, done two at a time! They are being worked in my lucious new Lorna's Laces. I think they will be a gift for my sister's birthday.

I like doing them two at a time, but I made the mistake of getting two different length needles, a 16" and a 24". I thought that getting the two different sizes would help me keep them straight for the first pair. However, the 16" needles have a smaller needle part. So as I am working, the work falls off faster and its hard to grip. Next time I order from Knitpicks, I will grab another 24"...another excuse to buy more yarn!!

Speaking of more yarn...I got my "Socks that Rock" yarn from Blue Moon FiberArts. GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE this yarn!! The colors are just so beautiful and vibrant. Over the weekend I ended up rolling these into some nice center pull balls. The right-most one is for my sister-in law. I told her I would make her a pair of socks, and her birthday is coming up, so I suppose I can part with one of these hanks.

Finally, here is a picture of my finished sweater, blocking on the floor. I wore it this weekend a few times, but really I think it ended up just too short and too wide. The blocking didn't quite keep the ribbing from rolling, and the sleeves were very long.

At the in-laws this weekend, my aunt fell in love with it, and so I gave it to her. I figure I would rather have someone enjoy wearing it instead of me just throwing it into a drawer somewhere.