Too big?

So, I think my I have to rip my jaywalkers again. I took another look at the pattern, and after the toe, I am supposed to make it even bigger! So...Yeah, definately ripping...might even have to go down to a size 0 needle. I wanted to use the 1's because the yarn is a bit heavier than the usual sock yarn I have knitted with. But I guess it just makes my guage way too big. A good thing did come of this -- I learned how to do short row toes :)

Here is a picture of my treasures from The Mannings. Gotta love the clearance sale! I still don't have a project for it yet, but probably something small and lovely in these fall colors, I am thinking a scarf! It is Debbie Bliss wool/cotton blend and really has a nice clean look to it. I am still searching for small patterns since I didn't get enough for a big project.

Bonus picture...My hubby knitting! Isn't he cute? :)


Anonymous said...

Did you do a gauge swatch? Those Jaywalkers can be a bit tricky! Good luck with it!


Olive said...

Love those fall colors. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Wen said...

Ooooh, nice Bliss from the Mannings. We'll have to get back over there soon!