Updates to come

I started the jaywalkers! I used Queen Kahuna's awesome invisible provisional cast on with a shortrow toe...however, after completing the two toes, they seem to be really just too big. So...I may have to start over again. Its really a shame becaues this is the second try with this pair.

The first time, I was trying to use one end from the inner pull ball, and one end from the outside of the ball...I thought it would be OK, maybe a bit more confusing than usual, but I was sure that I could handle it. Well, apparently I could not... I ended up with a HUGE messy knot. Not only that, but somehow the yarn got tangled between the two cables between the socks...it was pretty much impossible for me to fix until I finished both toes. SO! I ripped them out and promptly seperated the ball into two individual center pull balls.

Later I will post up pictures IF I decide that I dont need to rip them out. By Thursday's Stitch and Bitch I will definately have them started, hopefully into the pattern.

I also will put up pictures of my purchases from my trip to The Mannings!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your Jaywalkers!