Projects and new yarn

This is my current project. A pair of toe up socks on two circulars, done two at a time! They are being worked in my lucious new Lorna's Laces. I think they will be a gift for my sister's birthday.

I like doing them two at a time, but I made the mistake of getting two different length needles, a 16" and a 24". I thought that getting the two different sizes would help me keep them straight for the first pair. However, the 16" needles have a smaller needle part. So as I am working, the work falls off faster and its hard to grip. Next time I order from Knitpicks, I will grab another 24"...another excuse to buy more yarn!!

Speaking of more yarn...I got my "Socks that Rock" yarn from Blue Moon FiberArts. GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE this yarn!! The colors are just so beautiful and vibrant. Over the weekend I ended up rolling these into some nice center pull balls. The right-most one is for my sister-in law. I told her I would make her a pair of socks, and her birthday is coming up, so I suppose I can part with one of these hanks.

Finally, here is a picture of my finished sweater, blocking on the floor. I wore it this weekend a few times, but really I think it ended up just too short and too wide. The blocking didn't quite keep the ribbing from rolling, and the sleeves were very long.

At the in-laws this weekend, my aunt fell in love with it, and so I gave it to her. I figure I would rather have someone enjoy wearing it instead of me just throwing it into a drawer somewhere.


AngeliasKnitting said...

I've been lusting after Socks That Rock yarn for a while now! Maybe you can bring it Thursday, so I can touch it? :-)

The sweater looks great - too bad it wasn't the right fit for you - but at least you found someone who will wear it!

Those socks are coming along. I can't wait to see your progress on Thursday. :-)

Ann said...

OMG - I can't believe you gave away that sweater!! It turned out so nice.

I am so jealous of you STR yarn. Yummmmm.

Thanks for your blocking tips. I heard you say you pinned to the carpet so that is what I ended up doing - but even after it dried once I unpinned the edges still rolled. So it didn't end up help with the seaming all that much. I did do the spray bottle way so maybe next time I will soak it. All this work for a baby sweater!


Heather said...

Sure I will bring the str yarn on Thursday, but it is in balls now, so its not as "cushy" as it was in the hanks.

As for blocking...I "soaked" my sweater first...not actually submerging it in the sink, but rather holding it in a ball and letting the water run into it until I was satisfied that it was wet enough. One thing that may help you is to actually submerge and wash with a bit of wool-wash. I think the soap, though you will rinse most of it out, helps the yarn to keep the shape when it dries. Next time I will try this...

Wen said...

Love the weater! Like Ann, I can't believe you parted with it!