Secret Happy Dance

It was a rainy day. Work was drab, morale was down, I was tired from being there since 6:30 am. Trying to make up some time, I was attempting to stay as long as I could.

Frequently through out the day, I check my web mail. Any morsel of non-work news is savored. Much of what comes in is just spam, but occasionally I catch a glimmer of the outside world.

3:30-ish: 'You have 1 new message.'
I check. This is the best sort of mail - someone has left a comment on my blog. Ahhh, yes the boob story. The commentee? Stephanie.

Ok, I know a Steph, she frequents the knit night at B&N. I go and check it out - like I said, ANY distraction is welcome at this time.

Waiting for the page to load...You know, I don't think the Steph I know has a blog, and she has never commented on mine...Maybe someone found me through one of the knitalongs I have joined.

I hover...the poster, the wonderful savior of a boring work day...http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/

My heart beat quickens, my eyes grow wide. Inside my brain it is all I can do to control my joy. No one at my work is as "into" knitting as me. Who could I share my excitement with? Sadly no one. So for the rest of the day, I was forced to celebrate in secret.

All afternoon I did a silent, secret happy dance. (Which is good, because once Hubby came home, I did the real full-out happy dance, and now he just thinks I'm a little more weird than I already was.)



It's a beautiful day. The sun is shining, its lovely weather, a nice breeze is blowing. This morning Heather is driving into town. She doesn't mind because it is so nice out. The little bit of traffic doesn't even bother her. It is so nice today that she has decided to wear a spring-like white shirt and white sandals.

Heather pulls into the medical center parking lot. She is there to drop off her Holter monitor from the previous day. Just a quick run in, deposit the hardware, and then on her way to work. It is a beautiful day!

Because this medical center is for a heart doctors, many of the patients are of the older generation. Heather sees several of said patients on her way into the center. She smiles and waves, and even says hi to a few. They all look at her...oddly. That is OK, Heather expects that perhaps these people are not in the good mood that she is in, and maybe they don't understand that she is a patient here too. In any case, she remains happy. Quick into the building and drop the monitor into the bin for monitors. Lots of people in the lobby, she smiles at them all. After all it is such a nice day outside!

Walking outside, Heather pauses to look both ways in the parking lot. She looks down to make sure her nice white sandals don't get caught on the curb. And sees...





My order from Knitterly Things arrived. I am in love with the intensity of the colors. I had a little mishap when ordering, which resulted in me not getting the first four colors I had picked out. However, I am not disappointed with the colors I did receive. These are stunning -- Just beautiful! I cannot wait to turn them into socks. If I didn't already have many socks in the pipeline, waiting to get their mates, I would instantly cast on with one of these beauties. However, self control is winning out...for now...

More miters!
#5 -- reminds me of my high school colors

#6 -- Hubby picked colors


Let the madness begin!

I intended to post this last night, but just was too tired.

My mom is going away to Mayo Clinic in June after years of local doctors trying to figure out what is making her ill. Even though her visit is during the summer months, she has lost so much weight that she is perpetually cold all the time. I wanted to make her something that she could take with her...something that would provide comfort and remind her that I am thinking about her. What better project than a blanket/throw.

I wanted something fun, something bright and cheerful. And something fun and quick for me to make. Inspired by Cara I decided on a miter square blanket ala Mason Dixon.

This project requires many many colors...I am using Cascade 220 and have taken advantage of the Webs 33 anniversary sale to get lots of colors.

Last night I sat down...excited after having decided on a project...and cast on for my first square.

And then for my second...
And a third...
And a fourth!To start, I had just picked colors that I liked together. Then as the night got later, I started picking out colors that reminded me of something. #3 --Lime and Violet! #4 Gryffendor -- Of course this means I must make the other Harry Potter house squares.

At this rate, the blanket will be ready in no time! Miters really are very addicting -- fast, simple, fun. After 4 squares I have the pattern memorized and can put the book aside for pure miter joy.


From now on...

I have thought about it...and I have decided to make a commitment to update my blog at least three times a week. I will try for daily...but we will see. Think of it as a very late new years resolution. More later...



Lots more colors up at Blue Moon Fiber Arts! Too many nice ones to choose from. I have that 10% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket...But then theres the anniversary sale going on over at Webs too! Gah! Too much yarn -- too little money :(

April Apathy

April is usually the month of apathy...not quite spring, still cold and wet, far from any holiday... But yesterday's main headline made it even more so. I first learned about it at work through my rss news feed. I can't explain my reaction -- something like what I felt during 9/11. Disgusted, worried, saddened. I don't have family there, I don't have friends there, but I still felt an undeniable tremor of horror. Maybe it is because my husband is a professor, maybe because I am pretty recently out of college myself -- in any case, I was, and still am very sad.


only != lead

It has taken me so long to get back into blogging. I think mainly because I just wasn't feeling up to it. Today though, things at the office have me wanting to rant.

We get this e-mail today about business cards. The rule at our company says that lead programmers can have business cards printed. I am not a lead programmer, therefore I do not get business cards. Which is fine with me, but determining that I am not a lead programmer is quite a problem!

I am the only programmer working on my project. One would think, if there are no other programmers, then, I would have to be the lead. However, this is not the case. My lead programmer does no programming at all. Projects that have more than one programmer assigned have a lead programmer that actually does programming. So one cannot assume that the lead programmer is never writing code. Then, to make matters even more confusing, there are projects where the only programmer is considered to be the lead.

At my company, everyone is given the title: Application Developer. Which could mean that you are the lead or not. There is no formal distinction. The only way you can determine your place is if you ask. And asking makes you look like an ass...so no one asks...except me of course because I don't care.