Let the madness begin!

I intended to post this last night, but just was too tired.

My mom is going away to Mayo Clinic in June after years of local doctors trying to figure out what is making her ill. Even though her visit is during the summer months, she has lost so much weight that she is perpetually cold all the time. I wanted to make her something that she could take with her...something that would provide comfort and remind her that I am thinking about her. What better project than a blanket/throw.

I wanted something fun, something bright and cheerful. And something fun and quick for me to make. Inspired by Cara I decided on a miter square blanket ala Mason Dixon.

This project requires many many colors...I am using Cascade 220 and have taken advantage of the Webs 33 anniversary sale to get lots of colors.

Last night I sat down...excited after having decided on a project...and cast on for my first square.

And then for my second...
And a third...
And a fourth!To start, I had just picked colors that I liked together. Then as the night got later, I started picking out colors that reminded me of something. #3 --Lime and Violet! #4 Gryffendor -- Of course this means I must make the other Harry Potter house squares.

At this rate, the blanket will be ready in no time! Miters really are very addicting -- fast, simple, fun. After 4 squares I have the pattern memorized and can put the book aside for pure miter joy.


Anonymous said...

Heather, My Mom went to Mayo when she had cancer. She had a super experience there. Does your Mom already have a hotel picked out? If she needs one I can get the name of my Mom's favorite place. It was reasonably priced, had a kitchenette in the room, free breakfast, and is connected to Mayo's underground walkways. Which means you can easily go from building to building without ever going outside if the weather is inclement.
Hope to see you soon at B&N!

Heather said...

Thanks for the kind words Cindy, I will check with mom. I think they have something arranged, but I haven't heard the details yet. It sounds great that she wouldn't need to go outside.