My order from Knitterly Things arrived. I am in love with the intensity of the colors. I had a little mishap when ordering, which resulted in me not getting the first four colors I had picked out. However, I am not disappointed with the colors I did receive. These are stunning -- Just beautiful! I cannot wait to turn them into socks. If I didn't already have many socks in the pipeline, waiting to get their mates, I would instantly cast on with one of these beauties. However, self control is winning out...for now...

More miters!
#5 -- reminds me of my high school colors

#6 -- Hubby picked colors

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Rachele said...

Hi, Heather! I just wanted to know if you'd join my Copy Cara Mitered Square Afghan KAL. It's over at http://copycara.blogspot.com. We're all excited to be copying Cara, because her graceful way of completing all those squares was so admirable! Hope to hear from you!