It's a beautiful day. The sun is shining, its lovely weather, a nice breeze is blowing. This morning Heather is driving into town. She doesn't mind because it is so nice out. The little bit of traffic doesn't even bother her. It is so nice today that she has decided to wear a spring-like white shirt and white sandals.

Heather pulls into the medical center parking lot. She is there to drop off her Holter monitor from the previous day. Just a quick run in, deposit the hardware, and then on her way to work. It is a beautiful day!

Because this medical center is for a heart doctors, many of the patients are of the older generation. Heather sees several of said patients on her way into the center. She smiles and waves, and even says hi to a few. They all look at her...oddly. That is OK, Heather expects that perhaps these people are not in the good mood that she is in, and maybe they don't understand that she is a patient here too. In any case, she remains happy. Quick into the building and drop the monitor into the bin for monitors. Lots of people in the lobby, she smiles at them all. After all it is such a nice day outside!

Walking outside, Heather pauses to look both ways in the parking lot. She looks down to make sure her nice white sandals don't get caught on the curb. And sees...



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Stephanie said...

Wow. That's exactly the sort of thing that would happen to me.

Especially if the fuzzy were nipple coloured.