Long time...

...no write! It really does seem like a long time since I have posted. Thanksgiving was OK, not much really going on. For work, I got off Thursday, but Friday I ended up working from home. Usually I am more productive at home, so this was not a problem. Hubby and I went to my sister's house for Turkey Day. She is the BEST cook! Dinner was simply awesome...a true feast.

As for knitting news -- some ups and downs. I finished the purple tri-fold bowl, but messed my next one up. I started out fine...made my moebius, thought it was going well...then I notice...it looks much smaller than the others...It ends up only about 2/3rds as large as the other rims...but just as thick! So...hubby suggested, I just make a smaller version...but I think it is not going to end up well. I finished, but am almost afraid to felt it. I could only pick up 10 instead of 22 stitches along the sides, so the base of the bowl itself is small. Then when working the increases, the bottom ended up kinda wonky because of the weird number of stitches. -Sigh-

The good news is...I am about to turn the heel on my second Jaywalker sock, and started another pair for my sister-in-law. The second pair I started at Tuesday's knit night, and am on the cuff area now! Almost finished. I think though, I am going to finish the Jaywalkers, then use that set of needles to do the second of the new pair...then at the end I can just work both cuffs till I run out of yarn...and hopefully they end up to be the same length too. These pair are plain stockinette until the leg where I am doing a 3x1 ribbing. Then the cuff I will switch to a 2x2 rib for better elasticity. The Queen Kahuna cast of worked so well on my Jaywalker, I can see me using that exclusively for all of my toe up socks.

Maybe one day I will write up the little formula I use to do socks now. With every sock I have learned new techniques, but I think I finally have it down to a science. Oh! I almost forgot -- in other good and bad news: the color pooling (Scorponia colorway from Socks That Rock) in the second Jaywalker is ending up exactly like the first one...of course this is both good and bad, but I think I have finally come to peace with it. The second pair of socks (Seal Rock colorway from Socks That Rock) have many more colors, shorter repeats, and no pooling!

In summary, I guess you could say it has been a very sock filled weekend! (The Lorna's socks are still -almost- completed. I just can't bring myself to finish them up!)


Christmas Knitting

First up -- My husband got a little upset at me for not posting for a while. He has finished another square...but this time it's big enough to be used as a washcloth! It really did turn out well. This time he also did everything from casting on to binding off. Now his needles are freed up and I have procured his services for Christmas knitting!

Here are the colors I chose for the tri-fold bowls I am doing. it! I am using Cascade 220 and LOVE It comes in so many wonderful colors, and really is soft enough to use in a sweater. I will definitely be buying more in the future. The outer ring is the base color, and matched up with the contrasting color in the inner ring.

For an example: Here is my first completed bowl. And here is my next one (my husband is hiding under it). This second one is in the washer now!


How have I been making it to work?!?

Today I had to take my car into the shop to get a diagnosis on its incredibly loud sounds. Seriously, my car sounded like one of those souped up motorcycles, the ones with the big non-muffling mufflers. I noticed it was getting a bit loud some time ago, but I just figured it was getting old. However, one day while stopped at a fast-food window I noticed that it was really embarrassingly loud. So I bit the bullet and took it in.

Turns out the connector thingy that goes from the engine to the exhaust system was slowly rusting away, and has completed come off now. Exhaust with no where to go but into my car...on a very long commute! Not a good thing. These last few weeks the carpool has been on hold, so I have had to drive every day...gassing myself...while driving...not good.

So to all those that know me, if I have been acting weird lately, I blame it completely on the lack of proper ventilation while driving! Today on the way home I should be able to enjoy a nice quiet ride, and fume free breathing!



Getting to work today was quite the experience. First, the neighborhood was flooded. Next, when stopping for gas I had to wade across the parking lot to get to the store. At this point I consider turning back, and calling in to let work know that I would be working from home today. However, I decide to give it a go. On the highway it wasn't bad, but because it was raining, people feel the need to drive half the speed limit. It took me over an hour to get to work (usually it only takes me 45 mins) . I pull into work, sit down in my chair and realize that my feet are cold and wet and still soggy from my gas station adventure -- sigh, its going to be a long day.

Now for the good news! Last night my ball winder and swift arrived!!!!! I immediately began spinning all my Cascade 220 into neat center pull cakes. Later I will post a picture. I wound three right away, took a short break for dinner making, then continued to wind the other 12. These will soon be turned into five tri-fold bowls.

I also turned the toe on my second jaywalker sock, only to realize that the provisional cast on side was purl side out, and so, I had worked it inside out! Tonight I will have to rip out the toe on that one, and start...AGAIN. Wow with the jaywalkers, just wow. I am actually hoping that the color pools in the same way...It would be a shame if this one didn't pool and really didn't match the other one. Has anyone else had trouble with the Socks that Rock pooling on a jaywalker? Becky's look great! I am so jealous :(


Stitches East

I am so glad I attended! I didn't buy much, but it was a wonderful trip. The rides down and back were non-stop laughing, and the market was nothing short of overwhelming. I got to buy my black sheep tape measure.

Also I acquired some lovely size 3 Brittany needles.

On my way down I tried to work on my second mobius basket, but silly me, I did the last part first, and so had to start over again after arriving home. Here is the picture of my first, and second baskets...the second one still needs a trip into the washing machine.

This weekend was simply wonderful for finishing objects! I finished my first jaywalker sock, and also my sixth ball band washcloth.