Getting to work today was quite the experience. First, the neighborhood was flooded. Next, when stopping for gas I had to wade across the parking lot to get to the store. At this point I consider turning back, and calling in to let work know that I would be working from home today. However, I decide to give it a go. On the highway it wasn't bad, but because it was raining, people feel the need to drive half the speed limit. It took me over an hour to get to work (usually it only takes me 45 mins) . I pull into work, sit down in my chair and realize that my feet are cold and wet and still soggy from my gas station adventure -- sigh, its going to be a long day.

Now for the good news! Last night my ball winder and swift arrived!!!!! I immediately began spinning all my Cascade 220 into neat center pull cakes. Later I will post a picture. I wound three right away, took a short break for dinner making, then continued to wind the other 12. These will soon be turned into five tri-fold bowls.

I also turned the toe on my second jaywalker sock, only to realize that the provisional cast on side was purl side out, and so, I had worked it inside out! Tonight I will have to rip out the toe on that one, and start...AGAIN. Wow with the jaywalkers, just wow. I am actually hoping that the color pools in the same way...It would be a shame if this one didn't pool and really didn't match the other one. Has anyone else had trouble with the Socks that Rock pooling on a jaywalker? Becky's look great! I am so jealous :(

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