How have I been making it to work?!?

Today I had to take my car into the shop to get a diagnosis on its incredibly loud sounds. Seriously, my car sounded like one of those souped up motorcycles, the ones with the big non-muffling mufflers. I noticed it was getting a bit loud some time ago, but I just figured it was getting old. However, one day while stopped at a fast-food window I noticed that it was really embarrassingly loud. So I bit the bullet and took it in.

Turns out the connector thingy that goes from the engine to the exhaust system was slowly rusting away, and has completed come off now. Exhaust with no where to go but into my car...on a very long commute! Not a good thing. These last few weeks the carpool has been on hold, so I have had to drive every day...gassing myself...while driving...not good.

So to all those that know me, if I have been acting weird lately, I blame it completely on the lack of proper ventilation while driving! Today on the way home I should be able to enjoy a nice quiet ride, and fume free breathing!

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Wen said...

LOL Sorry to hear about the exhaust, but the "gassing" yourself comment cracked me up. Glad you got it fixed though... seriously, its pretty scary!