How many years...

...have I been knitting? SIX! Can you believe it? I was again asked recently how long I have been knitting. The first time I realized it was six years I was stunned, couldn't say anything except "6 years!" I think the shocker really is, I have hardly any FO's to speak of during those six years :(

I have been spinning for only a bit over 1 year, and I feel like I have accomplished so much more.

Seems like I am much more capable of finishing a spinning project than a knitted one. It's really quite embarrassing how many WIPs I have going on.

So what does this all mean? I will be focusing on finishing projects for a while. I really love the feeling of casting off...I think its more the sewing up that gets me put off. In any case, I plan to really try to finish a good bit of projects before starting any new ones...wish me luck!