Christmas Knitting

First up -- My husband got a little upset at me for not posting for a while. He has finished another square...but this time it's big enough to be used as a washcloth! It really did turn out well. This time he also did everything from casting on to binding off. Now his needles are freed up and I have procured his services for Christmas knitting!

Here are the colors I chose for the tri-fold bowls I am doing. it! I am using Cascade 220 and LOVE It comes in so many wonderful colors, and really is soft enough to use in a sweater. I will definitely be buying more in the future. The outer ring is the base color, and matched up with the contrasting color in the inner ring.

For an example: Here is my first completed bowl. And here is my next one (my husband is hiding under it). This second one is in the washer now!


Ann said...

WOW - your trifold looks great! Nice color selections

Heather said...

Thanks :) I have the red one drying... and I managed to make the rim more appealing for that one...much more like in the book. So -- after admiring this new rim, I decided to re-wet the blue bowl and try to reshape that rim. It went, eh, OK, but its really trying to go back to the old shape. I can post more pictures later.

Tonight I also finished the rim for a third, dark eggplant with lavender edges.

Olive said...

That looks fantastic! I love the way it turned out. Can't wait to see all the other color combinations.

Wen said...

OK, I really like these bowls... one day when I get to it, I'll come to you as my bowl mentor!! Nice job!