The hubby knits!

Here are some more fun pictures! First up, my skein of Schaefer Anne yarn...for, you guessed it, SOCKS! It is hard to see all the wonderful colors, but they are all sorts of green and blue shades. It reminds me a lot of a peacock colors.

Second is a quick update on my huge hubby blanket. The pattern is found in fall's Interweave Knits. The cables are working out so lovely! I guess its sort of hard to get an idea for some of the bigger patterns, but after I get a bit more finished I will post another update. The whole thing is a whopping 257~ stitches so one row takes a LONG time...

Third, here are some washcloths I knit in the car over the weekend trip to the in-laws. I really like the colors on the right one, but the left didn't turn out the way I would have hoped. They are both knit in Sugar n' Cream.

Last but not least! --Some of you know I have taught my husband how to knit. Here are the three "projects" he has completed so far. From the left to right: Garter stitch swatch, Stockenit(sp? --yeah I'm too lazy to look it up) swatch, and a swatch with a stitch pattern all his own... I think they are just lovely, and am currently trying to encourage him to try something a bit bigger but still simple...like a scarf! Then I can convince him to let me buy more yarn!!!

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