Sexy Status Bars

Oh yes, I have, with Becky's help, added progress bars to the side panel! Now the trick will be to remember to update them :-)

Today I am going to the Open Barn! Because alpaca's produce such a wonderful fiber, and my friend from work owns a few. I really am interested in maybe partnering with this farm for fiber for the store...we will see.

Another perk of going all the way out there...it is very near to The Mannings. Which, hopefully, I will be stopping in and perhaps...BUYING SOME YARN! But who knows...If I do make any purchases, I will be sure to share them with you in the form of pictures!


Olive said...

Your status bars look great! Much better than my plain ones. Hope you have fun at the alpaca farm!

Anonymous said...

Love the status bars - I have yet to really figure out how to add them to my blog! :-)