Addi Click Review - (the real one)

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Here's a snippet:

"Addi Turbos are often acclaimed to be the gold standard in knitting needles. They feature an ultra smooth nickel plating which makes knitting fast and effortless as the yarn glides across the needles with little resistance. The joining cord is flexible and forgiving without the stiffness and memory of other circular needle brands. However, the price of each needle makes it somewhat expensive to own a full set of all needle sizes in all cord sizes. Up until recently these needles were only available individually and many knitters bought them as needed for projects, slowly growing their collection..."


Spincerely said...

Very interesting review. I haven't even heard of these new needles yet. One thing that I like about Addis over similar, but less expensive, needles is their consistency. For example, I don't like when one tip is sharper than the other on one circ. I even have a set of double points where it seems that all the ends are different. Addi's must have better quality control, I guess. Does it continue into this product too?

Heather said...

Yes, definitely, the quality of the needle tips themselves are basically the same as the original addi's. Very uniform and very smooth. Not quite as pointy as I would like, but for things other than lace, that's fine.

I have since heard reports of people having some imperfections on their tips - roughness or dimpling. But every tip in my set is perfect.

Also, since the writing of the review I have heard several reports of the connection coming apart while knitting.

Anonymous said...

Great review! I didn't notice that they don't have size 5 tips. I'm like you, I knit with the smaller needles. So the mention of the cable/needle join was very helpful.I really like my knitpicks set, but sometimes the join becomes loose and the cable torques.

Anonymous said...

I returned a set of addi clicks because they kept separating as I was knitting. Anyone else have this experience? Really disappointing because I love my other addis.