New Project

I have something new to show you. Something without pictures. Something ambitious and extremely personal. If it's so personal why am I sharing? As much as it contains personal experiences and emotions, I really would like some critique and opinions on my writing.

What is it? A new blog! I have started this blog as a writing exercise for myself. It contains memories. Memories turned into short snippets of stories. Most of these stories occur in less than a half hour time period of my past.

I am going to try to organize it in the following way: Postings will be labeled with the specific person that the memory is about. Right now I am focusing on a boy named Jason. So most postings, at least for a bit, will be about him. When I run out of things to say about Jason, or if the memories lead me to a new person, I will begin writing about them instead, and label appropriately.

Already I have had to cheat. It is very hard for me to remember. The times I'm concentrating on really play in my mind like a dream. Sequences skipping around, no direction, and often no connections. I just see flashes of certain scenes.

How did I cheat? The story I wrote today, Benadryl, is not really my memory. It's really my mom's. She's told the story, and I can imagine it happening. But I don't remember it. So, in that way I am cheating. I have written it as I imagine it happened.

I plan to keep my two blogs closely linked. Often I will post explanations here about stories that I write there. As I have just done with today's story.

I will also try not to expose anyone as I expose myself. I will change names when necessary and try to keep the stories to interesting events, not the mundane.

My honest hope for this project is to practice writing, gather critiques, retrieve some memories, and hopefully touch a few hearts.

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