Here is my last posting - translated into pirate (in honor of talk like a pirate day!).

Ye know whats comin'...th' obligatory apology fer nay bloggin' in ages.
Aye! but this time...nay wait...aye, I dasn't be havin' anythin' but excuses.

Maybe 'tis on accoun' o' I be completely stressed at work an' on accoun' o' I sit at th' computer all tide at work...

Or maybe on accoun' o' Ravelry be a swirlin' vortex o' time suckin' yarn an' pattern goodness...

O' course 't could be on accoun' o' I be so busy wi' knittin' an' spinnin' an' makin' beads an' stitch markers...but t'ain't that th' sort o' thin' I ortin' ta be bloggin' about?

Aye ARRR, I be havin' jus' been t' damn lazy. Thar, I spake 't!

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