Not a real post, just a quick update today. My family doctor doesn't know what to do, so he is sending me to a cardiologist -- for my neurological problem -- we will see how that goes. I can just imagine:

Dr. Heart Man: Why are you here?
Me: Mr. Dr. Man sent me for NMH.
Dr. Heart Man: Well, I have heard of what you have, but it really is a neurological problem, not a problem with your heart.
Me: I know.
Dr. Heart Man: OK, well, I'm going to send you to a neurologist, but to make it worth your time, let's do a bunch of unnecessary tests first.
Me: Yeah, whatever.

Despite the negative sounding post, I do not blame Mr. Dr. Man. He is a good guy, and a nice Dr. Man. I just hope whatever he is thinking about is correct, and hopefully my time is not wasted. There is nothing like prolonging a condition unnecessarily. Let's also hope that Dr. Heart Man is just as nice.

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