Yes, another posting about socks...but there's other stuff too I promise!!

First, I finished the Tapestry scarf. I am still meh about the yarn -- I like the silky feeling, but I still hate the hairy-ness. If it could only be silky without the hair. I will probably gift this, not sure yet to whom. Because after complaining about the hair, how can I push it off on some poor unsuspecting recipient?

In the spirit of recent-stitch-marker-making, I completed a set of fabulous green stars. And here is what my findings box looks like now.

I also made another set of binary stitch markers using purple and clear beads. This time I used up all four bead spots and went to 15. I have the materials to finish the first set, but have been, quite frankly, too lazy.

For the hubby, I frogged the Saffron Cables blanket...I just didn't like spending so much time per row. I love cables - I really do - I just don't love them in giant blanket form. Instead I have promised him a different blanket. One with manageable pieces. One that takes very little thought to work. Of course I decided it also needed more color...So I bought two more colors to compliment the green and TADA:

The Hubby Log Cabin is planned and started. Five center green squares are already completed, and now I just need to wait on mister mailman to bring me more yummy yarn.

What about the socks?!? Well, in anticipation of the first shipment for the Rockin' Sock Club -- I ordered yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts!

From left to right, Lemongrass, Rose Quartz, Lover's Leap, and Little Bunny Foo Foo. I LOVE them all!!!

Also in this order, two hanks for hubby in the very manly Obsidian. He has watched me fawn over Socks that Rock for many months now, and decided that he needed a pair. -- I also received the first shipment of the club, but I will leave that for a later post -- no spoilers here!

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