My knitting plan

OK, so last night I went home, and took all the pictures for my MS&W post. But then I got busy trying not to sneeze and cough, so needless to say...no pictures are posted yet. It is allergy season here in Lancaster, and yesterday was the first day that I have had trouble with them.

As I was taking pictures I realized just how much yarn I have...a lot -- too much! Much of it is for specific projects, or socks. I also have many many projects started, on the needles, ready to be worked on. (See the list on the right) So here is my plan:

1. mitered square blanket for Mom -- Due Date: June 10th
2. Second Pomatomus Sock
3. Rusted Root
4. Second Waving Lace Sock
5. Farmhouse Socks - this is a continuous project, a traveling sock
6. Whiskey Sweater
7. Second Tofutsies Sock
8. Hubby Blanket - this is a continuous project too
9. Sapporo
10. Scarves - I might rip out the spiral one
11. Something New!

It is a good mix of socks and other big projects. Hopefully I can keep on track and really decrease my ufo's before I am tempted to cast on for something new. We will see!


Anonymous said...

You keep teasing me with the promise of pictures! Since I couldn't make it, I have to live vicariously through those of you who did. I can't wait to see what cool loot you found!
Good luck with all the fun knitting projects you have in the works. Can't wait to see pictures of them too.

Anonymous said...

Hubby Blanket should be promoted to number one, IMHO.