My new Etsy Shop!!!

Knittin' Pretty

I made two sales already! I can't believe it, I am dancing around in joy!


Wen said...

Ummm... think we could work out a credit plan? LOL One of these days I just might have to take some nibbles.

I'm so proud of you! Great work girlfriend!!

Heather said...

Thanks for looking! Probably once I get going I will be able to offer a discount program for the lovely ladies of the Lancaster SNB!

I know it seems expensive, but really, its kinda meager for handspun considering the yardage. Alot of handspun out there gives you less than 100 yards, AND costs just as much as mine.

Hubby is so very excited. He thought that I was crazy when I talked about selling on etsy. Now he is thinking about helping buy that new wheel I want!