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Wow. What a rush! Opening the Etsy store has been quite a wild ride. I would like to officially use that as the excuse for not posting lately. I have been mulling over this decision for a long time...but I didn't want to write anything about it in the case that it fell through.

I would like to thank my Hubby for coming up with the cute name! Over some delicious sushi we were discussing possible names, and he thought of this one all by himself. Perfect.

Now I get to worry about things like shipping products. I have been on the receiving end of purchases quite a bit, but have never actually sent things out. In fact I am really bad at sending mail. Usually birthdays and anniversaries come and go, and I forget to send cards. Now I will have to be more prudent about mailing.

Apparently the mail man will come to my door step to pick up packages for mailing. However, this worries me as I live in an apartment complex, and so our mail all goes out at those oh-so-handsome community lock boxes. While we do have our own porch, I am concerned that the mail man may never even venture up to the units, and therefore never see or pick up the packages.

I did a little happy dance when I found out that the usps actually gives free shipping envelopes and boxes. Who knew? This is very convenient given that I rarely, if ever, get to the actual post office. Since I work so far away, I usually have to take off work early to even get there before it closes. Another convenience, usps also allows me to print shipping labels. I just have to weight the package, and print! Very awesome.

Last night after receiving my first orders, I frantically began making stitch markers. I want to send some with each order as a sort of preview of what's going to be offered in the store soon. I made about 10 sets, and boy do my hands hurt! In order to make them, I use these really small tools, and each one sits awkwardly in my little hand. After doing about 8 sets, I could visibly detect a small blister forming. After ten, my hand started cramping, so I had to stop. Later I will post the pictures, and then even later than that I will add them to the store.

Today after work, I need to stop off at the office supply store and get some nice card stock to print labels and cards for the stitch markers. Probably my little logo and just some product information...but still my stomach is crawling.

I am very nervous! Really I shouldn't be. Things are selling well. People are "hearting" my store and my products. But I am still aching to know if patrons will actually like what they receive. Actually use the product, and like the outcome.

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Anonymous said...

How very cool and exciting! You go girl!