Pictures, pictures, Pictures!!!

To make up for the severe lack of posting recently, I have a huge amount of pictures today. So lets see, what have I been up to? First, update on Sapporo: I have about 3-3.5 inches of the body completed...and I haven't worked on it for over a week. Miles and miles of plain stockinette to go before the interesting patterning starts.

In rebellion against doing miles and miles of plain stockinette, I have started a few scarves. I don't know why, but I had the unquellible urge to knit some scarves. Here we have a bias scarf in Rowan Tapestry, and a Ruffles from Scarf style in Sarah's Yarns' dk cashmere. My comments on the yarns? I don't really care for Tapestry. It is very pretty, but it is a bit more hairy than I thought it would be. The soy in it gives it a sort of silky feel, but the wool content is VERY hairy. I don't have any other words to describe it, its not scratchy or halo-y, its just ... the scarf feel reminds me of a hairy man leg...eww

Speaking of man legs -- I got some new yarns, one DH has approved for his first sock request (the middle one). The one he liked is various blues, and its wool with bamboo. Other sock yarns I received (because you can't just order one!) More Trekking, and TOFUtsies!

Going back to Sarah's Yarns, I had also purchased two cones of Jagger Zephyr for some lace knitting. The first project: Swallowtail shawl from fall 2006 Interweave Knits. I love this pattern, especially after some clever nupp strategies. My method for nupps: Using a size 0 dpn, transfer the five stitches from the left needle, to the dpn. Now purl into all five. This way is a bit tedious because of the transfer, but it is MUCH easier than trying to purl all five from the original needle. Even with the size 0, it is still hard for me to get much of the right needle through all five loops. This shawl is destined to be gifted to Aunt Dorothy -- the one person I know adores my handknits.

I finished one Pomatomus sock! Here it is in all its Pucks Mischief Beauty. The Rockin' Sock Club is almost ready to start so I better get working on this mate! The second Dreidel Jaywalker is almost completed as well.

To carry it all, I splurged on a Namaste messenger bag! This thing is huge, it stores all my needles, notions and several projects. Notice in the picture my CrippenWorks dpn case. Mom gave this to me for Christmas, but I forgot to post about it.


Anonymous said...

How's the progress on the Big Hubby blanket? I bet someone's really cold without it.

Anonymous said...

Try Sarah's Silk Rhapsody; it's pure ecstasy. And it's good for flossing too.

Anonymous said...

this is a message from the wii!