Programming Part 2

The thing about a programming job is that the job is never completed or good enough. There is always something else that could be better, improved, redone, or whatever. What bothers me about the place I am at now is that they understand this but take it to the extreme. They force products out that are far far from perfection. They put it in front of the users and expect them to eat it.

We are all familiar with this sort of thing. We have all used programs that have bugs and glitches. But this feels too extreme. Putting out a product we know is nothing like we promised.

I know it has been a while since I posted. I had this posted started for months! I just wanted to see how things turned out...

I have been saying from the beginning that a different approach was the way to go. I stood my ground...I pushed...and it payed off! Finally my boss agreed to let me try things my way. And lo and behold...it was awesome! I mean AWESOME! He loved it of course, and had me start on converting the old way into the new way.

So things aren't so bad now. I still think we tend to release things too soon. But at least I am happier with the approach to development. Sigh...

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