Work Woes

So just when things were starting to look up at work...They sent me a warning about remoting into my home pc. How, doing so is cause for termination. Oh well. It isn't like I haven't been the most productive employee in the last two months. Its not like I didn't save my bosses ass with my recent work.

So now when I am stuck on something I will just blankly stare at my screen and fall asleep...much better for productivity right?

When I am stuck, or just not feeling a problem...I think its best to step away...even for 30 seconds and just turn the mind to something else. This allows the brain to make connections it wouldn't have normally made. Constantly attacking a certain concept can really retard the brain from drawing the right connections...easing off that problem can really help you come to a conclusion faster. While this is my opinion...I am sure others have experienced this as well.

What should I do for my down moments? Knit? Not likely, I am sure this will not be received well. Get up and take a 5 minute break instead of a one minute jaunt to check my email? Probably not, I would be reprimanded for being away from my desk too much. What then? I have no idea...

I think companies are increasingly spying on their employees. The list of blocked sites is growing by the minute. And is productivity going up? Perhaps for those people that really abuse the internet...but for me? I don't think so. In fact, I was really upset about this, and so I choose to make a 30 minute effort to write this blog post! Not very productive!

Maybe blogger will be blocked one of these days...who knows. They already blocked gmail...why not blogs? No worries that alot of good programming information is contained in blogs...block them! Programmers don't need to search for information - we have it all in our brains right? Bah!

So yeah, not feeling it at work today. I want to go home. I want to spin, knit or anything else that would make me happy. I am feeling so dispassionate about work. What do you do when you feel like this? Any ideas are welcomed.

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