Random Thought

Weight loss. I have been making efforts to lose some weight. I had gained over 40 pounds since my college days - I know, horrendous. But I have lost about 13 of those pounds so far! Woot! The only bad thing -- loose skin -- EWWWW!

I was putting cream on my winter dry hands the other day and noticed how wrinkly they look. All I could think at the time was: "Wow I my hands look like I am 80 years old!". But then later I realized that its not because they are dry...it's because the skin on my hands is so loose. Still, EWW.

My wedding bands are turning all over the place, maybe I will have to go get them resized again soon. I had gotten them enlarged before, when I was having my weight problems...but now, I am thinking I should get them smaller again.

Until then, I will continue to put lotion on my hands so that they retain some elasticity...maybe they will spring back into life.

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