Clothing Malfunction

Well, the other day at work I had quite an interesting experience. Ok, it's not that interesting...
I was talking to people that meet in the middle of our little room. They were having some type of meeting. Mostly I was working on my computer, but occasionally they would ask me something, and cause me to turn around in my chair.

One of these times I turn around to answer a question. My back itches weird. Not unusual, I scratched. Only to realize that my bra had unclasped. So I am sitting there trying to refasten it. Very unsuccessful. What the hell? I dressed myself in the morning, I know it hooks. I try another set of hooks, no go.

By now everyone is staring at me...

So anyway, I had to rush to the bathroom, take my shirt off and turn my bra around. Apparently one of the hooks had become bent and wouldn't hook anymore. So I bent it back and refastened. Came back to my desk to much applause for my clothing malfunction.

See, not very interesting. But I thought I would share this embarrassing story.

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