I will not get sick...

Everyone in the office is sick, has been sick, or is getting sick. Some have a chest cold, some have the flu...I so far haven't gotten anything. I do however feel run down and generally crummy.
I refuse to get sick! I have held out this long - just a little longer. I am calling it our company scourge.

It's pretty depressing at work with all these sickos. Everyone's energy level is down, and people are occasionally going home early or staying home...but not enough! If you are sick, stay away! Why come to work and infect everyone else? Then everyone's productivity drops, not just yours.

Why do companies continue to make sick time a punishment? At my company our sick and vacation are lumped together as PTO. So people hate to stay home, they would rather stick it out and be able to take a longer vacation. An understandable stance, however, it causes others to become ill as well.

I would love to be at a company that really understands that having sick people around only hurts everyone else. Encourage employees to stay home and work or stay home and rest! Working from home with my profession of programming is a viable, if not preferable option. Most people here would prefer to work from home if given the choice. Especially if it means working from bed as you sip on chicken noodle soup to get better from illness.

The big problem is that there will always be people who abuse a policy like this. Taking off to go golfing, shopping, etc. But couldn't those types of things be monitored? If someone is taking off excessively, can't that be tracked?

Blah, I don't feel well, I want to go home :(

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